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Co-Chairman: Roland Andersson, Professor, SWEDEN

Dr Andersson is a Professor of Surgery at the Department of Surgery and Chairman of Institute of Clinical Sciences, including 37 different departments, at Lund University, Sweden. Prof Andersson is the President of the Scandinavian HPB Association and International Association of Biomedical Science. He serves as the Editor of Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, and Associate Editor, Journal of Clinical Bioinformatic Science, European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (section editor: Emergency Surgery).
Prof Andersson is one of global opinion leaders on HPB surgical oncology, metabolism and infections and surgical pathophysiology and translational research in the fields of pancreatic cancer, abdominal sepsis/multiple organ dysfunction, abdominal adhesion prevention and metabolic interventions in the perioperative course. Prof Andersson was one of initial outstanding scientists to investigate the development and molecular mechanism of gut origin sepsis in acute and chronic liver failure, obstructive jaundice, portal hypertension, implants, acute pancreatitis and multiple organ dysfunction. He has developed and validated the new theory on “Central Role of Endothelial Barrier Dysfunction in the Development of Multiple Organ Dysfunction”. Prof Andersson is a well-known scientist on Sepsis, HPB, pancreatitis and multiple organ dysfunction in the world. He has supervised 18 doctoral dissertations defended and tutors recently 18 PhD students in experimental and translational research within the areas of pancreatic cancer, acute pancreatitis and abdominal adhesions. He has published about more than 400 publications.
Prof Andersson made the great contributions on the reformation and development of Lund University Clinical Science and the translational and biomedical sciences in the world. He creates and develops the program of Future Leadership of Biomedical Medicine which becomes one of the most important training courses in the field of biomedical management. He made the endless efforts to encourage, support and involve the initiation and development of the International Society for Translational Medicine.

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