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International Collaboration Committee

The International Collaboration Committee is responsible for exploring the potential

of global collaboration, establishing the close partnership relationship with

scientists, universities and companies, recruiting and establishing research projects

and teams as well as implementing and evaluating the outcomes of the project.

Purpose Statement for the International Collaboration/Liaison Committee (ICLC) 2011
The IC/LC has three main purposes that share the common goal of enhancing exchanges among translational researchers throughout the World. 
      1. Facilitate the organization of international meetings to be held at different 

          and broad-reaching geographical areas to facilitate participation reflecting  

           the global scope of the Society; 

      2. Facilitate the exchange of information through cutting edge technology

          among members throughout the World 

      3. Facilitate collaboration among Countries by: 

            a.        Supporting the exchange of human samples among different

                       Countries through development of exchange programs

            b.        Increasing the participation of regulatory agencies from different

                       Countries to develop simplified and standardized rules for Clinical


            c.        Identification of laboratories undertaking world's best practice for 

                       pre-clinical studies that are acceptable to regulatory agencies 

            d.        Fostering the development of worldwide clinical programs for late

                       phase testing of putative new therapeutics 

             e.        Identifying funding opportunities to support international studies

              f.        Identifying funding opportunities for educational programs including

                        student exchange programs among Countries

      Co-Chairman: Francesco Marincola, Professor, USA
      Co-Chairman: Deirdre Coombe, Professor, Australia
      Paolo A. Ascierto, Director, Italy
      Eyal Talor, CSO, CEL-SCI, USA
      Michael N. Liebman, Ph.D, Managing Director of Strategic Medicine, Inc. USA
      Wei Wang, Professor, Capital Medical University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
      P. Nymadawa, Professor, President, Mongolian Academy of Medical Sciences, Mongolia
      Yingdong Zhao, Ph.D, National Cancer Institute, USA
      Charles Frevert, Associate Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine, USA
      Zee Upton, Professor, Queensland University, Australia
      Lotfi Chouchane, Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College, Qatar
      Noriyuki Sato, Professor, Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine, Japan
      John Tsang, Ph.D. Head of Bioinformatics, Trans-NIH, USA 


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