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Executive Committee

ISTM has a number of committees to achieve its missions including the Executive Committee, the Education Committee, the International Collaboration Committee,  the Grants and Awards Committee, the Communication Committee, the Events/Conference Committee, the Membership Committee and the Fundraising/Sponsors Committee.
The Executive Committee is responsible for managing the routine administration, implementing the strategies and decisions of the Board of Directors and management, drawing up the report on the execution of its functions for the Board of Directors, coordinating between leadership and committees within ISTM and promoting ISTM globally.
Co-Chairman: Xiangdong Wang, Professor, China
  Co-Chairman: Richard Coico, Professor, USA 
  Catherine Kielty, Professor, UK 
  Chunxue Bai, Professor, China
  Yrjö T. Konttinen, Professor, Finland
  Yong-Xiao Wang, Professor, USA 
  Tim Cao, Director, USA
  Roland Andersson, Professor, Sweden
  Raymund Horch, Professor, Germany
  Raymond T. Chung, Director, USA
  Randall J. Cohrs, Professor, USA
  Pieter A. Doevendans, Professor, The Netherland
  Paul Debbage, Group Leader, Austria
  Natan Bornstein, Professor, Israel
  Mircea Ivan, Assistant Professor, USA
  Mark Danderson, Vice President, China
  Martine Clozel, Chief Scientific Officer, Switzerland
  Maciej S. Lesniak, Professor, USA
  Luigi Frati, Professor, Italy
  Liron Pantanowitz, Associate Professor, USA
  Lih Kuo, Professor, USA
  Houria Hassouna, Professor, USA
  Gottfried Köhler, Professor, Austria
  Fernando Vidal-Vanaclocha, Professor, Spain
  Ena Wang, Director, USA
  Eduardo Chuluyan, Professor, Argentina
  Dongming Hou, Assistant Professor, USA
  Deirdre R. Coombe, Professor, Australia
  Dafin F. Muresanu, Professor, Romania
  Craig McLachlan, Associate Professor, Australia
  Chunxiang Zhang, Professor, USA
  Jia Qu, Professor, China
  Jinglin Xia, Professor, China
  Prof. Toshio Fujioka

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