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Conference on Instrumentations & Biotechnologies Nov. 12-14, 2012, Shanghai

Nov. 12-14, 2012, Shanghai, China
You are warmly invited to attend the Conference on Instrumentations & Biotechnologies (CIB2012), which will be held in Nov 16-18, 2012, Shanghai, China, to introduce and exchange the latest achievements of your research.
CIB2012 is an international meeting and platform for scientists from both academies and companies to communicate advanced biotechnologies and instrumentations in clinical research. CIB2012 acts as a bridge between academics and companies to understand the development and potential of advanced biotechnologies and instrumentations for commercialization and clinical application.
The hot topics of CIB2012 include:
  • Molecular pathology and human tissue bank
  • Molecular immunology, labeling, or imaging
  • Stem cell purification and application
  • Clinical bioinformatics and biomarkers
  • Biotechnologies and translational medicine.
The means for exchange and cooperation of CIB2012 include:
  • The main scientific meeting of the latest achievements
  • Collaboration meeting of scientific need-offer and project introduction
  • Round-table meeting of new biotechnologies and instrumentations
  • Dialogs of scientific and research leaders.
Shanghai is one of the most developed cities and the economic capital in China and becomes the fastest developing city on biotechnologies, biomedical science, instrumentations, and drug discovery and development.
For more details and registering, please visit the CIB2012 official web http://biotech-instrument.org or contact with us directly through email Becke.lee@biotech-instrument.org or phone +46 2 151018806 or +86 13162939505.
Looking forward to hearing from you and your positive consideration on CIB2012.
CIB2012 Organizing Committee

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