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A Special Session: Clinical Application of Gene Sequencing & Genome Medicine

The 10th International Conference on Genomics (ICG-10)
A Special Session: Clinical Application of Gene Sequencing & Genome Medicine
Chairs: Xiangdong Wang, Professor and Director of Shanghai Institute of Clinical Bioinformatics
Session Scope:
The Session of Clinical Application of Gene Sequencing aims at:
Ø  gathering clinicians and scientists who are related to human gene sequencing;
Ø  presenting the latest methodologies of gene sequencing, genome medicine, data mining, or deep analyses for clinical research and application;
Ø  discussing the importance and significance of clinical and medical information, informatics, or phenotypes in understanding of gene mutations and epigenetics;
Ø  defining standard protocols of clinical sample handling and collection, quality control and monitoring, dynamic medical recording and achieves;
Ø  identifying and validating disease severity-, stage-, duration-, therapy-, or prognosis- specific biomarkers to monitor disease progression, drug responses, and precision medicine;
Ø  exploring potentials of gene sequencing-based discovery and development of therapeutic gene targets and medications;
Ø  discussing urgent needs and necessaries of regulations, rules, policies, or laws to ensure clinical application of gene sequencing and genome medicine.
The official language in Session for presentation and discussion will be English.
Session date: Oct 25 Morning, 2015
Location: Shenzhen, China
More information on ICG can be found through www.icg-10.org

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